Salt Therapy - Your Natural Way to Wellness

This incredibly powerful natural treatment gives you relief without expensive doctors visits or medicine

What Is Halotherapy?

Originating from Eastern Europe, halotherapy is a centuries-old, alternative, all natural, and highly effective solution for a wide array of acute and chronic respiratory or skin issues.

How Does It Work?

For your respiratory system: Medical Grade, Purified Himalayan salt is crushed by a special machine into the tiniest particles (salt aerosols) and expelled into the air of the salt room during a session.

The inhaled salt aerosols penetrate deep down to the lungs neutralizing and brushing off any impurities of the respiratory passages. Salt is highly absorbent thus it also acts as a “sponge” to soak up and loosen any excess mucus along with viruses and bacteria.

Salt is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, so when inhaled it reduces the airways irritation and bronchospasm, promotes healing of the respiratory tract lining.

For your skin: Dry salt kills the bacteria settled on our skin. Contact with dry salt normalizes the pH level of the skin, repairs and regenerates derma, the top layer of the skin, improves rigidity of the skin, and stimulates and enhances growth and health of the hair.

Why SaltBreeze Halotherapy?


No Side Effects

Unlike prescription or over the counter medicine, halotherapy has no side effects. That’s why it’s perfect for both adults, children, and elderly!


Highest Quality Salt

Unlike some halotherapy centers, we do not cut any corners when it comes to the quality of our salt. Every particle is the highest quality, medical grade salt available.


Highly Effective

The bottomline is you will see results in your respiratory or skin condition. Over 95% of our clients see significant improvement in their symptoms.

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Here’s What People Are Saying After Coming In

"Each time I’ve come by Salt Breeze the staff has been friendly and welcoming. The rooms are extremely clean and well maintained. The experience was very mentally rejuvenating."

Lawrence Y.

"I came by with my friend and really loved the ambiance of the rooms. A clean, serene, and reinvigorating place. Going to be telling my parents to come in as well."

Jun K.

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