To Choose and How to Choose Beautiful Skin, That Is the Question!

To Choose and How to Choose Beautiful Skin, That Is the Question!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have soft, glowing skin year round?

Have you ever experienced a lotion that felt so light and feathery to the touch, and was absorbed into your skin instantly?

Most people haven’t because many lotions are made with synthetic or low-quality ingredients, which is why they sit heavily on top of your skin. So, in order to achieve the beautiful, silky smooth skin you deserve, being able to identify the beneficial ingredients in body and massage lotions is the first step! That will help you choose products that will ensure your skin will become silky smooth! We here at Salt Breeze have identified the single most impactful skincare ingredients to help you achieve this beautiful, soft and glowing skin!

3 Miracle Ingredients Are:

#1 - Sunflower Oil

Talk about a natural glow! Who wouldn’t want to shine like a sunflower? This is a necessary ingredient in lotions because it not only boosts your immune system and restores energy to the body, but is also incredibly rich in vitamin E and regenerates skin cells. This means your skin is better protected from damage against the sun, reduces the appearance of scars, and quickly heals wounds. This amazing ingredient is the reason why our lotion heals sunburnt skin so easily during the summer months, and repairs cracked hands so beautifully during the winter time!

#2 - Vegetable Glycerin

The next essential ingredient is this clear, plant-based liquid derived from palm oil. It gives skin a soft, smooth appearance and can increase your skin’s hydration in fewer than 10 days. The benefits of this powerful ingredient are realized immediately after the first time this ingredient is applied to your hands. The difference between a lotion containing this ingredient and others is that it is noticeably lighter and more airy. It goes on smooth, feels as light as a feather when massaged into the skin, and can be applied to other areas of the body.

We suggest keeping this lotion in a practical spot where you can use it often and conveniently, like by your work computer or nightstand at home.

#3 - Jojoba Oil

This ingredient works to seal your skin with a protective barrier to keep it from losing moisture. This may prevent bacterial infections from forming, because its makeup is so similar to the oil your body naturally produces your skin can’t tell the difference. This is what makes this lotion such so light-weight, which means it will not clog your pores if applied to the back and shoulders. Especially when it comes to locking in moisture, that’s why this is a year-round solution to weather elements, re-hydrating your skin in the summer and restoring hydration that winter storms strip from your skin.

Since taking care of your skin is a preventative measure, we suggest selecting a lotion that contains this ingredient before the fall or winter season arrives, which are typically seasons known for dryness. By applying the right lotion regularly, your skin will be well-nourished and prepared for bitter weather… which you skin will thank you for ;p!!